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Water Clock in Guildford

We were contacted by a customer in Guildford, Surrey about creating a piece of art work to complement the pond in their garden area, as well as brighten up the area and give it a more unique style.

Thrilled with the opportunity to create such an exclusive piece, we met with the client to discuss their requirements. During the meeting, the dimensions of the area where the clock was to be placed were established, and we set to work into creating the unusual design.

We created the design to have a melted look to give the impression of water dripping. After showing the client, who was ecstatic with the results, we installed the art work onto the side of the pond. Due to the metal being galvanised, the art will not rust allowing it to stand the test of time.

Blacksmith Surrey
As an award-winning, artist blacksmith Paul creates unique, exquisitely handcrafted ironwork. Across almost three decades he has worked for homeowners, luxury house builders, architects, celebrities, listed and heritage projects both here in the UK and across the globe.


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