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wrought iron fences Surrey
Wrought Iron Fencing

As an experienced blacksmith, Paul Gilbert works with wrought iron and steel to create decorative works for your home or garden, so to add a stunning unique feature to your property. To ensure his creations will stand the test of time, Paul will galvanised the wrought iron in order to protect it from potential rust, so you can have the peace of mind that your handcrafted item will be around for many years to come. Paul's designs come in both contemporary and modern styles, making sure there is something for everyone.

If you want to find out more about the work Paul could do for you get in touch today.

Woking Wrought Iron Fence Surrey
Forced Top Fencing
Woking Wrought Iron Fencing
Forced Top Fencng
Surrey Forged Top Railings
Forced Top Fencing

Wrought iron doesn't have to look menacing, modern techniques and processes mean that Paul Gilbert can craft you a fence which unique and attractive rather than foreboding. In fact a customised fence can be more than a border to your garden, it is perfect as a feature in the garden. Combine form and function by having a wrought iron fence with gate as a surround to a pond or pool, giving you an attractive feature which provides a safety barrier keeping young children safe.

The trick with wrought iron is getting the look that you want. Because Paul will craft your wrought iron fence from scratch, he will work to your design and tastes. Whether you want something classic or contemporary, formal or fun, Paul's work combines the strength which has made wrought iron the material of choice for fencing for centuries with an artistic flair which makes it an attractive feature for any home.

Iron designed wrought iron gate
Bespoke Wrought Iron Gates

Surrey Wrought Iron Railings
Bespoke Wrought Iron railings

Surrey iron sculptures
Bespoke Wrought Iron sculptures

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