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Wrought Iron Staircases

Transform the look of your home with something as timeless and elegant with a wrought iron gate from Paul Gilbert.

wrought iron stairs Surrey
Staircase railings, banisters & staircase posts

Using the finest steel and iron, Paul will create something unique and bespoke to your home with one of his staircases railings, banisters or posts.

wrought iron stairs Surrey wrought iron stairs Surrey wrought iron stairs Surrey
wrought iron stairs Surrey
Paul's creations are spectacular, beautiful and will last a lifetime
As an experienced Surrey blacksmith, Paul Gilbert works with wrought iron and steel to create decorative works for your home or garden, so to add a stunning unique feature to your property.

To ensure his creations will stand the test of time, Paul will galvanised the wrought iron in order to protect it from potential rust, so you can have the peace of mind that your handcrafted item will be around for many years to come. Paul's designs come in both contemporary and modern styles, making sure there is something for everyone.
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Blacksmith Surrey
As an award-winning, artist blacksmith Paul creates unique, exquisitely handcrafted ironwork. Across almost three decades he has worked for homeowners, luxury house builders, architects, celebrities, listed and heritage projects both here in the UK and across the globe.


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