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Wrought Iron Gates
Creating wrought Iron gates

Wrought Iron Gates

View some of Paul's Wrought Iron Gates


Paul Gilbert can create a gate for your property and will be made to the dimensions you require so will fit perfectly. Paul provides his gates in a range of different designs, including traditional and contemporary styles. Gates created in a more traditional design will generally be more ornate, with features such as scrolls, flowers and balls, where contemporary gates are created with a modern design.

Forming your wrought iron gate

As with all metalwork products Paul creates he provides a key attention to detail which is vital. He will begin by cutting either the wrought iron or steel to the size required, then he will create the metal frame for the gate. Once the steel or wrought iron frame has been made Paul will then add the finer details to make the gate individual to you.

After creating the iron parts in his forge, Paul will then fix the parts together with rivets and collars, or he will forge weld the items together. Using various techniques Paul will create a gate you can be proud of and will last for years to come.

After creating the gate Paul can provide 23 carat gold leaf application in order to add that extra touch of luxury.


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