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Wrought Ironwork Surrey
Wrought Ironwork

Wrought Ironwork


Surrey blacksmith Paul Gilbert makes fire pokers and fire side tools.

Paul Gilbert can make you a range of accessories for your fire place, including fire pokers and fire tools.

How to make a rams head poker:

Each piece that Paul creates is lovingly crafted to provide an incredible quality that will ensure the perfect finished result. To create a rams head poker Paul would first start off by cutting a length of wrought iron or steel to the size he requires, then puts the metal into his forge in order to create a malleable material. Once the metal is the correct temperature Paul will then forge the horns and head then forge weld.

After the main details have been completed, Paul will then focus on the finer details, such as the facial features of the ram. After the face is completed Paul will then go onto creating a twisted handle which requires the forge to be taken to extremely high temperatures in order to twist the metal.

As well as pokers, Paul Gilbert creates a range of fire grates using 20mm thick wrought iron bars. For centuries blacksmiths have been forging items for various requirements with various techniques, often passed from father to son.

Paul's selection of Wrought Iron Fire Grates.


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